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How does powder coating process work?

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Powder coating is a process of powder form in a fluid state to bond to the metal surface. This process can create a more durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint. It is mainly used for coating metals such as appliances, furniture, aluminum profiles,automotive parts. Since it is not liquid, it requires no solvent to keep the ingredient in a liquid suspension form, it is very friendly to environment and cost effective.

Powder coatings powders are based on polymer resin systems, combined with curing agents, pigments, leveling agents, flow modifiers and other additives. They are melted, mixed, cooled and grinded into a homogeneous powders.

What is electrostatic powder coating?

Existing several methods for applying powder coating, the most universal way is spraying electrostatically charged powder particles onto a grounded workpiece.

Electrostatic powder coating process is based on the principle of high-voltage electrostatic corona field, charge the spray gun electrode with high voltage negative electricity, while workpiece is grounded to be positively charged, which forms a strong electrostatic field between spray gun and workpiece.

When powders in the container are delivered to the paint gun and sprayed out by compressed air, due to the corona charge produced by the spray gun electrode which is connected with a HV cascade, the powders are negatively charged.

Under the dual force of electrostatic and compressor air, the charged powder evenly adheres to the surface of workpiece to form a uniform powder layer, then cured by a heating oven and transformed into a durable film.

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