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2.5meter Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot

-Frequency adjustable -2.5m stroke (custom available) -Carry up to 12pcs spray guns -Increase efficiency and uniformity -Factory direct sale -Competitive price
  • COLO-2000D(2.5m)

  • COLO

2.5meter Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot

Frequency-adjustable reciprocator is specially designed for high quality powder coating, it can carry up to 2-12pcs spray gun for continuous jobs, makes smooth movements of gun spraying for application of liquid paint or powder coating at various speeds The spraying guns are mounted on an arm extended from a carriage. It is programmed to move in required stroke lengths & speeds depending on object height, reaching to a new level of powder coating efficiency with the reciprocating robot.

reciprocating powder coating robot

Configuration & Benefits

  • Working speed and stroke are monitored on the digital screen, memorized for 80 storable programs

  • Smooth & stable running through high-precision and wear-resistant metal chain transmission,

  • Eight nylon wheels are adopted with ingenious mechanical structure, minimize vibration during reciprocating

  • Auto brake when switched off, no slipping down and restart from exact stopping position

  • Driven by frequency motor, Japanese imported, solid and maintenance free.

  • COLO reciprocating powder coating robot has been sold for many years, quality reliable and cost-effective.

Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot Specifications

Model COLO-2000D
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50-60hz
Motor Power 0.75kw
Speed 0-0.8m/s(0-50m/min)
Acceleration 1m/second
Max. Loading Capacity 25kgs
Controller Digital
Motor Frequency Adjustable
Stroke 1.5m/2m/2.5m

reciprocating powder coating robot

A1 Light NO1
Light NO2
Upward moving
Downward moving
Auto model Light
Actual value
Program mode
Manual/auto swich key
Top stroke setting
Bottom stroke setting
Speed setting
Power switch ON
Power switch OFF

Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot Problem and Solution

Connect the power supply, but the indicator does not light
PCB problem
Indicator problem
Change or repair pcb
Change indictor
Light NO1  flash
Connection of sensors
Sensors damaged
Check connection
Change new sensors
Light NO 2  flash
Sensor wiring short circuit
Sensors damaged
Check connection
Sensors damaged
Control unit is work ,and in on status, but no moving
Voltage problem
Inverter problem
Mechanical parts jammed
(above 3 problem ,inverter will show error  flash
Check mechanical
Change invert
Unable to change setting numbers and NO2 light flash
Limilted by the model 0
Change in model 0 and resetting
Upper and down stoke change too big or out of control
Mechanical  place changed
Re-adjust the senor place
During move  there are strange sounds and sometime the gun move unstable
Too loose of chain
Tight it and change new chain


Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot Maintenance

1. The chains need be checked and adding machine oil on time. Need tight the chain if the chain is too long. Chain should be changed each year, the chain type is 10A. Please note, when you change the chain please make sure the chain mechanical position is not change.

2. Clean the wheel and metal tube on time, if there are too much dust, please clean it use the knife. Make the working condition clean is the best way.

3. Check if the controller is sealed, if the seal is broken and please change the new one. Clean all the accessories in the controller with air, after cleaning please close it on time, or the dust will come into the controller.

4. Clean and check the base on time, clean the motor with air.

5. If the mechanical situation is changed, please re-adjust the stand point, or the moving will out of control. The method is: push the key ↑ or ↓, let the spray gun move to the middle of the working stroke, then adjust the sensor on the bottom of the base, when the data on the "m" indicated 500 and then the setting is finished.