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COLO Automatic Powder Coating Spray Robot

Fast robot movement for high production rate
Perfect and efficient for coating products of complex shapes 
Flexible, highly targeted, up-close application
Achieve uniform and reproducible coating results
Optimize the labor cost and material cost
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COLO Automatic Powder Coating Spray Robot

This automatic powder coating spray robot is ideal for products with complex shapes that require a high-quality spray finish. Especially in mass production, the 6-axis powder coating robot can meet your quality and quantity requirements. Our robots are frequently used on multiple powder coating line projects for a high degree of automation.

Our powder coating robots are widely used in metal products industries such as automobiles, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. It achieves high quality in an environmentally friendly way while reducing coating costs. Multiple robots and booths can be linked together for centralized operations.


Robotic Powder Coating System Features 

Perfect System Control: We adopt the most advanced touch screen spraying controller, the operator can fully control spraying parameters such as static current rate, spraying area and so on.

Extremely High Powder Savings: Flexible robotic spraying only sprays the target area with precise control of powder volume. Therefore, more than 90% of the powder can be applied to the product without manual re-spraying. Coating usage can be increased by up to 30% compared to traditional coating methods.

High-quality Coating: The robot sprays accurately through the preset program, the spray gun is controlled without deviation, and the required spray thickness is ensured in a short time.

High Flexibility: After continuous experimentation, our robot can handle the coloring of complex shapes of different sizes. Easily set different product parameter modes on the control panel.

High Efficiency: No manual spraying, no overspraying, and flexible configuration of parameters without stopping the coating work. The robotic system has high reliability and low maintenance requirements. The robot can work continuously until the painting is completed.

Space Saving: The robot can be installed in many ways, almost no space is needed, the robot can be installed on the ceiling, wall and ground, depending on your preference.powder coating robot

COLO-191S Automatic Powder Gun for Robotic Coating

powder coating gun system

1)DVC technology, always spraying right amoung of powders - Reduce Powder Waste

Thanks to the digital valve controlling, precise and repeatable regulations of the conveying and supplementary air to the Venturi injector are realized, which allows users to set a specific accurate powder output for each application. Appying right amount of powders for each powder / object significantly saving powders. DVC technology allows reproducible coating results to ensures film thickness consistency.

2) All digital control, independent adjustment of Voltage, Current - Overcome Faraday Cage Effect

Another outstanding performace that COLO-191S beats traditional models is the independent adjusting of voltage and current. This excellent feature is of a great help in coating deep corner where electrostatic sheild often generates. Thus you can low the current and without turning down the voltage for better powder coverage. COLO-191S series improve peneration, reduce orange peel, backionization even with dfficult powders.

3) Three pre-set application modes for powder coating beginners

Flat Panel Mode: This setting provides maximum kVs and a high volume of powder output. This is for large flat panels and will provide a lot of powder wrap.

Recoat Mode: This setting is for a previously painted part that needs more powder for repairing. The kVs are reduced as well as the powder volume.

Corner Mode: This setting lowers the kVs, restricts current, and reduces the powder flow percentage to allow powder to penetrate difficult-to-reach corners and angles.

4) Custom 20 programs individually for different application

Specific settings are required with different powders or parts. The intelligent controller allows you create and store 20 personalized application programs. Each part will recieve optimal operation data. you can instantly call them back for use the next time you coat.


5) COLO-08 automatic powder spray gun - high transfer efficiency

The 100kv automatic powder spray gun features high transfer efficiency and delivers smooth powder output, which optimizes powder utilization and application quality.

Made of non-stick materials.The nozzles are professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability, including flat nozzles, round nozzles and extension nozzles.

COLO Powder Coating Painting Robot Specifications

Max. Running Radius
Max. Loading
Repeated Posisioning Accuracy
Protection Grade
Total Weight
Range of Motion
-180° ~ +180°
-90° ~ +90°
-75° ~ +255°
-180° ~+180°
-120° ~ +120°
-360° ~ +360°
Max. Speed