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1.5meter Powder Coating Paint Gun Lifter for Sale

-For continuous coating
-Easy adjustment stroke & speed
-Increase production & quality
-Minimizes labor cost.
-Digital controller
-80 storable programs
-Carry up to 12 pcs spray guns
  • COLO-2000D(1.5m)
  • COLO

1.5meter Powder Coating Paint Gun Lifter for Sale

The powder coating gun lifter is used for consistent and uniform painting in automatic line. The spraying guns are mounted on an arm extended from a carriage. whose movement is programmed in various speeds & stroke to suit conveyor speed & object height respectively.

The smart controllor and keypad enables you to punch in user-friendly parameters which can be viewed on digital display, especially the top limit point and bottom limit point can be easily set and remembered online.

powder coating gun lifter

Powder Coating Gun Lifter Advantages 

  • The user-friendly digital controller is memerized for 80 application programs,

  • Japanese imported frequency convertor with reliability and flexibility,

  • Able to carry up to 12 pcs spray gun both for powder coating or wet painting.

  • Exact stroke length adjustment reduces paint / powder wastage.

  • Reduces Maintenance - Only cleaning & lubrication is required periodically.

Reciprocating Powder Coating Robot Specifications

Model COLO-2000D
Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50-60hz
Motor Power 0.75kw
Speed 0-0.8m/s(0-50m/min)
Acceleration 1m/second
Max. Loading Capacity 25kgs
Controller Digital
Motor Frequency Adjustable
Stroke 1.5m/2m/2.5m