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Industrial Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

-Digital Valve Technology
-Precise powder output regulate
-Uniform finish
-Voltage & Current adjustable
-Powerful for coating corners
  • COLO-K2
  • COLO

K2 NEW Electrostatic Powder Coating Equipment

The K2 powder coating equipment is newly designed by COLO team, based on our 10 years developing and manufacturing experience. It gives easiest and most powerful painting method with any finish.

industrial powder coating equipment

K2 Powder Coating Equipment Excellent Features

1)Perfect transfer efficiency with every powder thanks to the 100 kV high performance cascade 

2)Continual uniform powder delivery and distribution for a quality finish, avoids orange peel effect.

3)Digital Valve Control (DVC) technology for accurate electric and pneumatic data.

4)Display pilot ensures easy access to pre-set and customized coating programs 

5)Reduced maintenance costs and efforts thanks to the wear resistant design

K2 Powder Coating Equipment Controller

electrostatic powder coating equipment

Basic application is the three preset modes. simply for flat parts coating, profiles coating, repair coating by pressing 3 buttons.

The update function is the flexibility by setting 20 personalized programs when doing different jobs.  Each program includes all parameters, which will be automatically stored and easily selected during operation.

The extreme advantage is the individual setting for voltage & current, which is not avaible in common models such as COLO-800D, COLO-660 or other competitors' types. Both voltage and current are vital to the coating results, a flexible adjustment will overcome difficulties, such as Faraday Cage Effect.