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KF-X1 Epoxy Powder Coating System with 60lbs Hopper

KF-X1 applies advanced "digital valve controlled" technology that is designed for easy operation and effective coating, which supports most complicated workparts.
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KF-X1 Epoxy Powder Coating System with 60lbs Hopper

KF-X1 Epoxy Powder Coating System with 60lbs Hopper is used in daily continuous production that don't need color changes. Adjusting the current and voltage to fluidizde the powder in the hopper and use powder coating gun to achieve electrostatic coating and coloring.

KF-X1 Epoxy Powder Coating System with 60lbs Hopper

KF-X1 Powder Coating Spray Gun Controller

powder gun controller

1. Three preset standard programs: 

Flat parts program is ideal for spraying panels and flat parts.

Complex parts program is designed for some parts with complex shapes and deep corners.

Recoat program parts is optimized for parts which have already been coated.

2. Support to store coating programs up to 20, features convenient to spray the same type products next time.

3. Digital air flow technology for more accurate pneumatic data setting, ensures better atomization.

4. The precise powder output is able to control the thickness of coating film, results a consistent powder coating effect.

5. Voltage and current could be adjusted flexibly ( Voltage 0-100kV, Current Max.180μa ).

COLO-08 Manual Spray Gun Features

powder coating spray gun

1. Weight only 500g, COLO-08 is a lightweight among powder spray guns, and also maintains the practical functions.

2. 100 kV manual spray gun ensures safe operation whilst maximizes powder charging capacity with high efficiency.

3. Nozzles are made of non-stick materials, professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability.

60lbs Powder Coat Hopper

60lbs Powder Coat Hopper

1. Size: D36 x H62 cm Capacity: 60lbs powders.

2. Fully assembled with fluidizing bed and powder suction tube.

3. The whole hopper can be detaches into pieces easily for thorough cleaning.

4. Our powder container are made from stainless steel, durable, anti-rust and long lasting.

5. Fluidizing hopper allows powders easily to be conveyed to the gun with a high degree of uniformity and consistency, ensure quality finish.

KF-X1 Powder Coating Spray Gun Technical Data

VoltageAC 220V / 110V
Output VoltageDC24V
Max Voltage0-100 KV adjustable
Max Powder Injection600g/min
Max input air pressure10kg/cm
Optimum input-air pressure6kg/cm
Minimum input-air pressure4kg/cm
Maximum water vapor content or compressed1.4g/Nm3
Maximum oil vapor content of compressed air0.1ppm
Maximum compressed -air consumption13.2m3/h
Temperature Range in Use-10 ℃-50 ℃
Gun Weight500g
Maximum Output Current180Ua