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Semi-automated Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

This system is ideal for continuous batch production and recommended for handling shelves, plates, that require higher efficiency with less manual cost.
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Semi-automated Electrostatic Powder Coating Line

This Semi-automated Electrostatic Powder Coating Line includes dipping-tank pretreatment, automatic powder coating gun and reciprocator, automatic powder spray booth, overhead conveyor system, manual powder curing oven with trolley. Semi-automatic powder coating line saves manpower and ensures productivity while manual operated curing oven can reduce budget and save space.

automatic powder coating line
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Semi-automatic Powder Coating Line Technical Date

Line Speed

1-6m/min adjustable
Max. Workpart Size L6m x W1m x H2m
Powder Coating Booth Automatic type, with multi-cyclone powder recovery
Automatic Powder Spray Gun 10pcs
Central cabinet 1 set, to install 10pcs gun controllers
Reciprocator 2.5m stroke, 2pcs
Powder Coating Oven Gas oven with PLC controller, 1set
Pretreatment Dipping tank made of stainless steel, 1set

Powder Coating Pretreatment

Powder Coating Pretreatment - Dipping Tank

1.Pretreatment is considered the most important part of the coating process in order to achieve a desirable and long-lasting finish.

2. Based on chemical reaction principle will react with the liquid to remove grease, scale, rust, dirts.

3. This system is ideal for cleaning complex shapes of workparts with deep corners, or applies in small scales powder coating plant or manual powder coating jobs.

4. The processing of a basic spraying system mainly include degrease, conditioning, phosphate, rinse, actual stages should be decided according to customer's products.

Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

Automatic Powder Coating Reciprocator

1. The spraying stroke and speed can be adjusted on the control panel, the operation is simple, and 80 sets of spraying modes can be stored.

2.Up to 12 automatic spray guns can be installed, which can be reasonably matched and installed according to production requirements.

3.Driven by high-precision wear-resistant metal chain, smooth and accurate operation, avoid powder waste.

4.Sturdy construction could adapt to continual load everyday operational conditions.

Automatic Powder Spray Booth with Cyclone

Automatic Powder Spray Booth with Cyclone

1. Mono cyclone achieves recycling efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders. a quick cleaning takes around 15 minutes.

2. The secondary recovey stage is combined with a group of high precision filters effectively capture ultra fine powders, thus only particle-free air discharged outside.

3. There's air clean system continuously transports over sprayed powder from the booth floor, quickly recycling it back to the powder feed container.

4. Booth material can be made anti-static engineering plastic, which reduces powder waste.

Overhead Conveyor System

Overhead Conveyor System

1. This is an automatic conveyor system that applied to long-distance transportion in continuous space with low noise, simple installation and maintenance

2. Overhead conveyor system is the most commonly used solution for powder coating finishing.

3. A complete overhead conveyor system includes, rails, chains, drive unit, hangers, trolleys, tension device, etc

4. COLO design conveyor systems depending on product weight, size and even the shape of the items being transported.

Industrial Gas Powder Curing Oven

Industrial Gas Powder Curing Oven with Trolley

1. It is easy to operate thanks to the PLC control unit with precise temperature regulation and timer.

2. Italy imported Riello burner fully burns fuels, quickly reaching to required temperature.

3.Built with loading frames and trolley that could easily handle batch workpieces in and out of the oven.

4. Circulation fans causes uniform temperature in the entire chamber that results in quality cured finishes.

5. 100 mm thickness rockwool board always keeps the chamber warm with minimum heat loss.

Semi-automatic Powder Coating Line Customer Case

The semi-automatic ground rail powder coating line is specially designed for our customers in Algeria to color the thermos cups in batches, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

These group photos are from our Thailand client in their factory that built with our powder coating line. Finished the project, they feel very happy!

finished the project,very happy !
Customer case

Customer case
Customer case