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Aluminum Profile Manual Powder Coating Plant for Sale

Including a manual horizontal-pull track system, professional powder coating gun, pass thru powder spray booth and track powder coating oven, economically, easily, efficiently start a manual powder coating solution for aluminum profile or other heavy, long length workparts.

Aluminum Profile Manual Powder Coating Plant for Sale

This powder coating line is designed for Korean customer for manual coating of aluminum profiles and other metal parts. It is specially suitable for handle  large, heavy or complex shape parts which requires extreme high requirement manual coating, and meets the requirement of not higher production but lower budget.

COLO-191S Professional Powder Coating Machine

Utilize the most advanced technology that allows a precise regulate of pnuematic parameters by digital, which lead to smooth powder flow and a uniform surface. Coating thickness can be controlled with this technology. Besides, the flexible adjusting of kv, amperage, air makes it easy to penerate deep corner with a satisfied finish. A ideal tool for powder coating profiles.

aluminum profile powder coating machine

Configuration & Features

1) 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, powerful and long lasting use

2) Digital precise adjustment of powder output and supplementary air

3) Three presets programs for panels, complicated shape parts and repair coating jobs.

4) Create and store 20 personalized application coating programs

5) Lightweight spray guns with full array of nozzle assortment.

6) Fluidized Hopper Feed -60 pounds powder capacity

7) Field tested and proven to operate in the toughest environments.

COLO Manual Pass Thru Powder Coating Booth

Dual station powder coating booth, pass thru type installed with overhead conveyer,  allows parts continuously and effectively get coated from both sides. The powder booth fans draw air through filters, oversprayed powders are separated from the air and stick on the filter,  air released outside is dustfree, making your workshop strictly compliant to environment standards

aluminum profile powder coating booth

Operator dimensions: L4m x W1.1m x H1.82m

Opening Size:  W0.5m x H1.82m

Power supply: Electric
Fan: 4kw/set, 2 sets
Voltage: 80V
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Filter material: Polyester
Filters Quantity: 10 pcs
Filters hang type: easy for change
Filter cleaning system: Pneumatic

COLO Track Powder Coating Oven

COLO powder coating ovenprovides a high temperature to quickly heat the sprayed workparts, due to the reaction, there will be a durable and quality powder coating finish on the surface. The curing oven consists of circulation fan to ensure hot air is uniformly distributed in the chamber. Oven size, and heating source(electric, diesel/gas) can be custom.

aluminum profile powder coating oven


Operating Dimension: Width 1.8m x Height 2.1m x Depth 7m

Heating Source: Natural Gas

Gas Burner, Italy Riello Brand, 300,000 kcal/h

Voltage/Frequency: 220V/380V/415V 50/60Hz (voltage can be custom as local)

Warm-up Time: 15-30min (180°C)

Temperature Stability: <± 3-5°C

Temperature Max.: 250°C

Motor Power: 7.5kw, 1 set

Circulation/Air Flow: Vertical, Varaible through holes on the walls