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Manual Batch Powder Coating Plant

This system is recommended for handling special complex objects that require more precise operation that automatic line can not achieve, also suitable for small scale workshop seeking for limited budget solutions.
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Manual Batch Powder Coating Plant

The manual powder coating plant includes powder coating oven and powder spray booth, suitable for continuous batch production of various workparts, such as wheels, frames, profiles, metal shelves, cylinders, etc.

manual powder coating line

This powder coating plant consists of manual powder coating machine, pass thru type spray booth and gas curing oven with trolley, specially designed for our Malaysia customer for the application of long length workparts who requires batch production with saving budget.

If you need powder coating line products of various sizes, we can customize them according to your needs.


1. COLO-3212 Tunnel Powder Coating Spray Booth


Features of COLO-3212 Tunnel Powder Coating Booth:

1. Top track of powder coating booth could be connected to the powder coating line conveyor to achieve continuous production.  

2. This booth is designed with dual working station that operators could coat both sides.

3. Powerful fan supply efficienct wind, reduces air consumption with low noise level.

4. PLC control the fan working and precisely set the interval of filter cleaning.

2. Powder Curing Oven COLO-5219

Features of COLO-5219 Powder Curing Oven:  


1. Using PLC system to control all heating process, accurate and conveninet.

2. Riello burner fully burns fuels (gas or diesel), quickly reach to required temperature.

3. Circulation fans causes uniform temperature in the entire chamber that results in quality cured finishes.

4. 100 mm thickness rockwool board always keeps the chamber with minimum heat loss.

5. We can custom powder coating ovens with required sizes, such as 6m, 7m, 8m, or more.

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