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Compact Powder Coating Painting Line

COLO has designed and manufactured this manual powder coating line to meet our client's demands. The open spray booth is suitable for batches of large and medium-sized workpieces and complex workpieces.
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Compact Powder Coating Painting Line

This powder coating line is customized by COLO for our Australian clients, because of their limited factory sapce, we designed this compact powder coating line to meet their production demands. This horizontal powder coating line is manual type, includes powder coating gun, powder spray booth, and powder curing oven with conveyor system.

Compact Powder Coating Painting Line

Componets of Compact Powder Coating Painting Line


Features of COLO-191S Powder Coating Spray Gun

1. COLO-191S controller with digital valve control technology could adjust parameters precisely for uniform coating.

2. There are 3 pre-set application modes, also could store 20 personalized application programs.

3. The leightweight COLO-08 spray gun is made of anti-static material, features wear-resistant, safe and long-life.

4. Spray gun with built-in 100kv cascade maximizes transfer efficiency, supports for powderful and long lasting work.

Powder Coating Spray Booth

COLO Powder Coating Spray Booth

1. Objects are transported via overhead conveyor system, saves both time and labor.

2. Built-in 12 pcs filters integrated in the booth wall for powder capture and recovery.

3. Engineered with pulse-jetting device to clean filters automatically and extend service life, PLC control the fan working and precisely set the interval of filter cleaning.

4. Big enough inner space allows to powder coating large and batch objects.

5.When you close the spray booth door when sprayingthis walk-in powder spray booth can prevent powder from scattering to protect the environment.

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COLO Powder Coating Curing Oven

1. Built with top tracks to connect to powder coating line conveyor.

2. Riello burners that imported from Italy makes heating faster to a required temperature.

3. Oven body is 100mm rockwool insulation board interlayer with galvanized innerwall and color steel outwall, to get a better heat preservation effect.

4. Powerful Circulation Fan circles hot air in the chamber to ensure even temperature distribution.

5. PLC Controller provides high-precison heating process, easy to set accurate temperature, heating time and control fan working.

Applications of Compact Powder Coating Painting Line

Specially designed for Ireland customer requiring manual powder coating of metal parts such as aluminum profiles, fence, frames, tubes, etc.

Mental Parts Application

powder coating paint line

Specifications of Powder Coating Booth

Inner SizeL5.5m x W2.8m x H3.1 m
Opening SizeW2.8m x H2.9 m
MaterialSPCC/t=1.5mm, with door
Bottom Frame8# square tube
Booth Inner Frame8# square tube
Recovery SystemFilter Cartridge (12pcs)
Fan Motor3kw, 4sets
Air Flow


Specifications of Powder Coating Curing Oven

Working DimensionWidth 2.5m x Height 3.1m x Depth 5.6 m
Insulation Platet=100mm
Bottom Frame8# Square Tube
Inner Frame8# Square Tube
Gas Burner300,000 cal/h, RIELLO brand
Fan Motor11kw, 1 set
Air Flow12000-14000 m3/h