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2 Axis Advanced Powder Coating Reicprocator

- Moves at Z-axis for vertical spraying
- Moves at X-axis fore-and-aft the booth
- Improve quality when coating complex parts
- Easy cleaning during color change
- Programmable powder coating reciprocator
  • COLO-2300D
  • COLO

2 Axis Advanced Powder Coating Reicprocator

This 2 axis powder coating reciprocator is an advanced model, not only make vertical spraying at Z-axis, but allows x-axis movement by leaving and entering of the booth  in order to adap to the width of the parts, thus complicated parts can be powder-coated in optimized effect.  In addition, such fore-and-aft movement makes an easy cleaning of powder guns during color change.

This programmable 2 axis intelligent reciprocator is specially designed to improve the working efficiency and application quality, worked with excellent powder coating guns, powder feed center, powder booth system, meeting the highest requirement of automatic powder coating.

2 axis powder coating reciprocator

2 Axis Powder Coating Reciprocator Features

  • Stroke in Z-axis(gun moving distance) can be adjusted wth abitrary set for different parts,     

  • Gun moving speed can be set in a certain range, reliable running through a frequency motor.

  • Fore-and-aft moving speed in X-axis can be adjusted as required, max. up tp is 10m/min,

  • There is a corresponding motion control according to the detection of part position signal.

  • Heavy-load reciprocator, which could carry 2-12 spray guns for powder coating or liquid painting.

  • All controlled data can be precisely set and stored at the PLC, up to 20 stored programs.