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Powder Coating Cartridge Filters - Roatry Wing Type

Cartridge filter with unique rotary wing cleaning mechanism leading to longer life of filters, and increae powder recovery.
  • Rotary Wing Type

  • COLO

The filter element separates solid particles from the air and recycles the excess powder generated during the spraying, not only creates clean working condition compliant to environmetal standard, but increase the utilization of the powder to save production cost.

Rotary Wing Powder Coating Filter Advantages.

Rotary wing installed inside the cartridge will generate a pulse to flap the filter that makes the accumulated powders easily dropping into the recovery hopper, reduces powder waste as well as extend the filter life.

This advanced filter cleaning system is to improve powder-booth performance, and provides and maintains maximum effective surface area of filter throughout reclaim operations, ideally suitable for big powder coating plants where quantity of powder to be sprayed and recovered is high.

Powder Coating Filter Specifications

Cartridge Filters developed specifically for powder coating filters that is available in various diameters & sizes as follows.

Diameter325 x Height600mm

Diameter325 x Height900mm

Diameter325 x Height1000mm

Diameter325 x Height1200mm