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Filter Powder Recovery System

The main purpose of powder recovery system is to collect the overspray powder and recycle it, at the same time to remove powder particles from the exhaust air stream before discharge into the atmosphere.

This system is an important part of powder coating booth. High-precision filters and powerful exhaust fan ensure 100% separation rate.
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Filter Powder Recovery System

Filter powder recovery systems help you recover some of the overspray powder and reuse it. The spent powder is trapped in the filters and then dislodged into a recovery bin for reuse. This system is an crucial part of powder coating booth, which achieves 100% separation to assure clean workspace and increase utilization of powder. Usually this system will rely on pleated cartridge filters. This can be very cost-effective if you are planning to use only one color and type of powder for your coating. 



Electric Controller

This device is convenient for operators to control powerful fan, interval pulse-jet function and other settings. 

powerful fan

Powerful Extraction Fan 

Draws air through filters, absorb oversprayed powder in the filters and separates powder particles from air mixture.

solenoid valve

Pulse-jet Solenoid Valve

Which can be set by electric controller, to clean filters automatically at intervals. Shaking off powders absorbed in filters to maintain high-efficiency seperation.

powder coating filter

High-precision Filters

The filter element separates powder particles from the air. These filters with smaller and more uniform pores ensure 100% separation. Superior quality polyester spunbonded fabric materials enhance filters' lifespan.

Benefits of Filter Powder Recovery System

1. A filter powder recovery system is designed to be able to easily collect powder as it is used.

2. Recovering powder is helpful because it keeps powder coating costs down significantly.

3. This system assures a clean work environment, and it is friendly for atmosphere.

4. COLO recovery systems are designed according to the strictest safety regulations and the specific requirements of each customer.