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Cyclone Powder Coating Recovery System

Cyclone separating as a method of powder recovery is widely used in powder coating industry, with benefits of:
- Simple structure, no moving parts, hardly requires maintenance.
- The superior separation efficiency allows it to be used in dust concentration area.
- High temperature resistent, high pressure resistent
- 6pcs, 9pcs, 12pcs, 16pcs tube for choice, we can custome the recovery system as requests.

Cyclone Powder Coating Recovery System, Powder Spray Booth Cyclone

The cyclone recovery system is an essential part for powder coating booth which requires fast color change, especially in automatic production line, it offers fast cleaning efficiency and great recovery rate up to 98%. A complete recovery system includes cyclone separator and filter secondary recovery unit.

powder coating cyclone recovery

Cyclone & Filter Recovery System

Automatic powder booth system - 副本

Cyclone Powder Booth

Most powder overspray are collected when air stream passing the cyclone for re-utilization, while after-filter unit is used to capture the superfine powder particulates and achieve 100% separation, ensure only no-particle air vented to atomsphere. Fiter cartridges has self-cleaning function controlled by pulse soleniod valves. Each filter cartridge is fitted with a rotary wing to help cleaning that ideally extends filter life.

powder coating cyclone


powder coating recovery

Powder Recovery Tank

powder coating filter cartridge

Filter Cartridge Unit

How does cyclone separator work to recovery powders?

Cyclones shapes upper barrel part and lower cone part. Generally, it uses the principle of centrifugal sedimentation to separate powder from air stream

1 Air stream suspended with powder coating particles enters to the cyclone from booth chamber, it is a suction movement due to the centrifugal fan installed in the secondary recovery unit.

2 Air stream swirls in the cyclone and powder particles are thrown towards the cyclone wall by centrifugal force.
As there is airflow outside of the cyclone, its downward sedimentation brings the separated particles to the cone bottom.

3. Powders is then recovered in a bottom tank where can be transfered automatcially through a powder supply equipment, in order to mixed with fresh powders fed back to the system.