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Powder Coating Booth Filters

- High quality polyester material
- Easy install in the powder booth
- Various sizes available
- Long Service Life
  • COLO-Filters

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Powder Coating Booth Filters

The filter element separates powder particles from the air and recycles the excess powder generated during the spraying, not only creates clean working condition compliant to environmetal standard, but increases the utilization of the powder to save production cost.

These high-precision filters are made of superior quality polyester spunbonded fabric materials, ensures 100% separation rate whilst provides a longer service life. Working with COLO powder coating booth is a ideal selection to keep workshop clean and operators' health.


Features of Powder Coating Filters

1. Optimum pleat number and spacing assures uniform filtration over the entire surface area.

2. Unique, dimpled pleat design provides 100 percent filter area to maximize operating efficiency.

3. High-precision filters with smaller and more uniform pores lead to greater efficiency and improved durability.

4. Quick-release type cartridge filters are convenient for fast color change in powder coating production. 

5. Durable, low-durometer, one-piece gasket delivers air-tight seal.

6. Ideal for use with COLO powder coating spray booths.

Powder Coating Filters are available in various sizes as follows

Diameter325 x Height600mm

Diameter325 x Height900mm

Diameter325 x Height1000mm

Diameter325 x Height1200mm

Importance of Powder Coating Filters

The filter is more than just a stand-alone component. As part of the spray booth design, an excellent filter will increase the overall performance and efficiency of your powder line. Main effect of filters is to separate powder particles from air mixture. Superior filters work with exhaust fan to keep powder coating booth clean, and pulse-jetting device encures that no powder accumulates in filters, maintains its high-efficiency. COLO powder coating filters is a low cost choice, because they retain no powder, improve transfer efficiency and have an economical price.