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Multi-station Rotating Table Automatic Sandblasting Machine

Indexing Turntables are the ideal sandblasting system for the continuous production flow of identical small- and medium-sized parts. The automatic sandblasting machine is equipped with multi-independently rotating work stations on an indexing table that itself rotates through the cabinet, all in a satellite arrangement.
  • KF-1719-12A


  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Multi Rotating Table Automatic Sandblasting Machine

This automatic sandblasting machine requires only one operator to load the product onto the workstation, and various small turntables are installed on the indexing table to carry the workpieces to be processed, and the intermittent rotation of the indexing table sends the workpieces to a set of nozzles precisely This ensures predictable and repeatable process quality in the blasting stream. 


 Features of Rotating Table Automatic Sandblasting Machine

  1. The blast gun group can be set for fixed blasting or swinging blasting with adjustable speed and angle.

  2. Small turtables drives through an independent motor, stepless speed regulation by converter.

  3. Blasting time, blasting distance between parts and gun also can be adjusted to optimize processing.

  4. High automation task controlled by PLC system, guarantee the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production.

  5. Specially custom fixtures based on workparts,  provided for quick and solid clipping to improve efficiency.

  6. The cabinet size, blasting guns or satellite stations all can be custom-made depending on the part size and production demands.

Small Multi-Turntables.JPG

Small Multi-Turntables

Automatic Sandblasting Guns.JPG

Automatic Sandblasting Guns

Loading & Unloading Station.JPG

Loading & Unloading Station

PLC Control.JPG

PLC Control

Rotating Table Automatic Sandblasting Machine Specifications

Model KF-1719-12A
Main Dimension 1700x1900x2350mm
Dust Collector Size 1400x1400x1700mm
Large Turntable Size Dia 1400mm x Thick 15mm
Qty of Small Turntables 12pcs
Small Turntable Size 150/180mm
Loading Capacity of Small Turntable 20kgs
Max. Size of Parts Allowed Dia 350mm x Height 450mm
Qty of Blast Guns 8pcs
Blast Gun Nozzle Durable Boron Carbide
Power Supply 380V/220V As required
Total Power 7kw
Machine Weight 4150kgs

Application of Rotating Table Automatic Sandblasting Machine

Suitable for pans, cups, bottles, axle crafts, glass, metal lampshades and other discs, cylinders, polygonal products.







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