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Conveyor Belt Sandblasting Machine

Conveyor belt automatic sandblasting machine is designed for processing panel-type workpieces in high efficiency and uniform effect. whilst avoids the uneven blasting effect, chromatic aberration and quality problem.
  • KF-1280-12A
  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Conveyor Belt Sandblasting Machine

The Kafan conveyorized sand blasting system is a pass-through systems with an array of pre-positioned automatic guns sweeping parts in linear motion synchronized with continuous movement of the belt. It is specially designed for high volume production of flat components or long length components that requires consistent finishing quality.

Automatic sand blasting machine features high processing efficiency, whose belt conveyor transports a batch of parts to working chamber thus getting automatically blasted to blast finish or remove rust, contaminants. The finished surface of the product is clean without sticky debris. Widely for processing workparts like stainless steel plate, aluminim plate and profiles, glass plate, non-stick pan, notebook computer motherboard, iron soleplate, mobile phone shell,etc.

Conveyor Belt Automatic Sand Blasting Machine

Features of Conveyor Belt Sand Blasting Machine

  1. The speed of conveyor belt is controlled by variable frequency, whose flexibility ensure the optimal finishing result.

  2. The swinging angle, and distance between the blasting gun and parts can be adjusted to meet particular needs.

  3. Only requires operator to load and unload the work pieces, conveying and blasting by the automatic blast system, easy and reliable.

  4. A dust removing system thoroughly collects dust leaving a clear working view and ensures the recycling of pure abrasives.

  5. The automatic sand blasting machine can be equipped with many spray guns, 4pcs, 6pcs, 8pcs, etc, as customer required.

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Automatic Blast Guns


PLC Control


Dust Collector

How does the conveyor sand blasting machine work?

During the working process by conveyor belt system, the operators directly place the workpiece (or fix) on the belt, once the workpiece is delivered into the blasting station, the blast gun automatically swinging and blasting, after that it will enter into a clean room for removing the abrasives and dust from the surface, the workpiece is finally discharged by manual when comes out from the other end of the conveyor.

Automatic Conveyor Sand Blasting Machine Specifications

Outer Size3500*1400*2500(mm)
Working Size1200*1300*1100(mm)
Pass Thru Size800x350mm
Dust box size1300*1500*2500(mm)
Gun QTY12pcs
Dust box power7.5kw
Seperator air flow10m3/min
Compressed air source2-7bar(kg/cm2),flow10-12m3/min
Dust exhaust<0.4mg
Operating temperature range
Total Power7.8kw

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