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Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster

Equipment has a small footprint.
Processes several pieces at a time (batch cycle).
Simplifies the surface treatment of small, hard-to-hold pieces.
Rubber belt ensures a gentle tumbling motion on delicate parts.
  • KF-A40


  • Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster

COLO Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster provide efficient, cost-effective batch processing that automatically cleans, blasts and finishes workpieces of different sizes.

The endless rubber belt keeps the part tumbled gently as it is exposed to the blast stream on all surfaces. The system is ideal for batch processing a group of small parts at a time, as well as relatively heavy, complex-shaped parts that are difficult to handle in conventional blast cabinets.


Features of  Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster

1. The wear-resistant rubber belt can carry 100kgs workpiece and has a long service life.

2. The spray gun is composed of the most durable boron carbide nozzle on the market.

3. The easy-to-operate electric control can adjust the blasting pressure, belt rolling speed and blasting cycle time, etc.

4. The blasting medium is continuously separated from the dust through the cyclone separator, and only the pure blasting medium in good shape is returned to the blasting nozzle to obtain the best effect.

5. The dust removal system is equipped with a pulse filter cartridge, which is more efficient and convenient.

6. The number of spray guns, swing speed, and rubber belt size can be customized according to customer specifications to solve all process constraints and obtain the best results and highest productivity.

Tumble Belt

Tumble Belt


Control Cabinet


Dust Collector

Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster Specifications


Working cabinet:

L600*W500*H500 (mm)

Cabinet outsize:

L800*W650*H2720 (mm)

Dust collector dimensions:



0.3-0.5 T/H

Load capacity:


Rolling motor power:


Dust collection motor power:


Automatic blasting gun:

4pcs Aluminium alloy blasting guns, with 4pcs boron carbide nozzles, dia 8mm.


380V 50HZ

How does the Tumble Belt Automatic Sandblaster Work?

Workers load the parts onto the rubber belt and set the time on the controller, then return to unload fully cleaned or finished parts.More than three nozzles evenly spray all exposed part surfaces to automatically provide a consistent finish as the part tumbles on the track. The nozzle is mounted on an oscillating gun to ensure maximum coverage of all parts.