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Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Machine

This roller conveyor automatic sandblaster is recommended for processing double-sided coating on the top and back of flat shape workpieces like steel plate, aluminum profiles, achieving batch production with high efficiency and reliable quality.
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Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Machine

Roller conveyor automatic sandblasting machine is available to move your parts through the blasting area with optimal efficiency and exposure to the blast stream, on top and bottom surfaces if needed. 

The roller conveyor sandblasting machine configured with upper and lower 2 blasting stations, allows the 2 groups of blasting guns cleaning surfaces from upper and bottom directions.

Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Equipment

Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Advantages

  1. Each system is tailored to the customer’s specifications to address all process constraints and for optimal results and productivity.

  2. Personalize your process by varying abrasive media, blast nozzle size, blasting pressure, table rotation speed, and blasting cycle time.

  3. 3mm durable steel welded with coated surface, designed with observation window can observe the entire process and ready to deal with unexpected situations.

  4. Allowing batch processing improve quality consistency, avoids the uneven quality problem.

Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblasting Machine Features

Top Blast Gun

Top Working Station with Blast Guns

Top working station can configured 8pcs, 12 pcs, 16 pcs or more blast guns,  nozzles in wear-resistant boron carbide material. The angle of each gun rack can be freely adjusted to achieve automatic swing or point blasting.

lower blast guns

Lower Working Station with Blast Guns

This roller sandblasting machine is equipped with upper and lower 2 blasting stations, which can enable two sets of spray guns to clean the surface from the upper and lower directions, and the workpieces such as aluminum profiles can be cleaned on both sides at one time, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency.

Roller conveying

Roller Conveying

Roller conveying, different design from belt conveying is that there is a gap between the rollers to facilitate the upper and lower blast guns to treat the surface of the workpiece at the same time.

It's driven by the motor controlled via frequency converter, and the conveyor speed can be steplessly regulated by the inverter within the range of 1 ~ 5m / min. The actual speed is set depending on process requirements of workpieces.

PLC Controller System

PLC Control System

The roller conveyor snadblasting equipment applies PLC control system with touching screen to adnterface facilitate the operation, realize high automation and great flexibility, precisely adjust parameters,guarantees the balanced uniform blasting effect, as well as safe production.

Filter Dust Collector Unit

Filter Dust Collector Unit

Independent cartridge filter dust removal system consists of 6 pcs cartridge filter stage and 7.5kw fan motor with good effect of dust extraction and ventilation, ensures pure abrasives can be recycled and causes no pollution for environment.

Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblaster Specification

Overall size Length3100mm * Width3692mm * Height3306mm
Dust collector size 1000*1000*1750mm
Suitable workpiece width≤600mm, height≤400mm, no limit to length
Conveyor speed 1~5m/min, stepless speed regulation
Conveyor motor 0.75kw, 2 sets
Blasting gun 12pcs, each side with 6pcs
Gun swinging motor 0.4kw, 2sets
Nozzle material Boron carbide nozzles
Cartridge filter 6pcs, 100% polyester
Dust collector motor 5.5kw
Power supply 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase(voltage can be made as local)
Total Power 8kw

How Roller Conveyor Automatic Sandblaster Works?

Parts are loaded on a conveyor either manually by an operator, or automatically with the use of a robotic arm, pneumatic/mechanical loader, or in full integration with the production line.

Parts are conveyed to the blasting zone where they are blasted by fixed nozzles,moving nozzles, or nozzles mounted on a rotary head. The automatic sandblaster allows workparts double faced or all dimensional surfaces to be cleaned with top blast gun group and lower blast gun group at the same time. As they exit the blasting area, parts are cleaned by blow-off nozzles.

Dust and airborne particles are contained within the blasting area and exhausted to the dust collector while blast media is collected at the bottom of the cabinet, cleaned by a cyclonic separator, and returned to the storage hopper for further use.