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COLO-660T-H Small Powder Coating Unit for Sale

- Powder coating equipment with 10lbs hopper
- Smooth powder output, quality results
- Suitable for both beginners and experts 
  • COLO-660T-H

  • COLO

COLO-660T-H Small Powder Coating Unit for Sale

COLO-660T-H Small powder coating unit with 10 lbs powder hopper is very practical for small to medium powder coating productions.   It produces smooth, homogeneous powder clouds that leaves a uniform paint finish on the part.

With intelligent functions is ideal for spraying workpiece with deep corners.

COLO-660T-H Small Powder Coating Unit for Sale

COLO-660 Powder Coating Unit Controller


1. Clear and user-friendly operating interface for quickly and easily setting the coating parameters.

2. 0-100kV adjustable voltage is ideal for powder coating objects with different shapes.

3. One-touch intelligent operation buttons give an quick access to powder coating, including four pre-programmed options for processing different parts, includes: flat parts coating mode, corner coating mode, re-coating mode, pulse coating mode.

COLO-08 Powder Spray Gun

COLO-08 Powder Spray Gun

1. Weight of COLO-08 spray gun is only 500g, the lightweight spray gun also has all practical functions.

2. 100 kV manual spray gun will result in better powder attraction to ensure the better quality of every powder coating layer.

4. Nozzles are made of non-stick materials, professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability.

10lbs Small Powder Coating Hopper

10lbs Small Powder Coating Hopper

1. Size: D20*H30 cm Capacity: 10 lbs powders

2.  Fluidizes powder completely without powder accumulation and absorbed moisture, which improves powder coating quality.

3. Avoids overflow, and hardly get contaminated as it is not exposed outside. Ideal for clean and uniform powder coating.

4. Stainless steel powder hopper is durable and quick for clean.