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COLO-191ST-H Small Scale Powder Coating Equipment

- Powder coating equipment with 10lbs hopper
- All digital setting of parameters
- Smooth powder output, quality results
- Suitable for both beginners and experts - Good penetration to corners
  • COLO-191ST-H

  • COLO

COLO-191ST-H Small Scale Powder Coating Equipment

The COLO-191ST-H powder coating equipment designed for small production, with 10 pounds of fluidized powder keg, you can easily change color. Small are occupation and easy to carry. 

COLO-191S series powder coating equipment provides easy operation with superior performance. By utilization of digital valve technology, this model could precisely adjust powder output for consistent and uniform spraying, greatly improves application quality comparing with traditional machines. 

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Excellent Features of COLO-191S Intelligent Controller

powder coating gun system

1. One-touch intelligent operation buttons features convenient and efficient to switch 3 preset powder coating programs.

Flat parts program is ideal for spraying panels and flat parts.

Complex parts program is designed for parts with complex shapes.

Recoat program is for parts which have already been coated.

2. Allows to create and store 20 personalized application programs for powder coating various kinds of workparts, results an optimal powder coating effect.

3. Precise setting the volume of powder feed by digital valve controlled technology saves powder cost.

COLO-08 Powder Spray Gun

powder coating gun

1. Weight of COLO-08 spray gun is only 500g, the lightweight spray gun also has all practical functions.

2. 100 kV manual spray gun will result in better powder attraction to ensure the better quality of every powder coating layer.

3. Back cover has remote control of powder flows and programs selection.

4. Nozzles are made of non-stick materials, professionally designed to minimize powder accumulation as well as enhance penetration ability.

Small Scale Powder Coating Equipment Technical Data 

Input Power50W
Input Power Voltage110V/220V, custom voltage as local
Output power voltage0 ~100KV
Output Current0~180uA
Maximum powder injection600g/min
Weight of Gun480g
Length of Gun Cable5m
Stainless Steel Powder Hopper Capacity10lbs
Work Temperature Range-10°C to 45°C