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Portable Powder Coating Cup Gun

- Laboratory use or powder testing use
- 1lbs fluidizing powder cup
- 0-100kv voltage adjustable, easily set by digital
- Ideal for all kinds of metal parts.
- Proved quality and performance by world clients
  • COLO-800DT-08C
  • COLO

Portable Powder Coating Cup Gun

This portable powder coating machine is designed for testing jobs of small sample or powder manufacturers, this unit incorporates the application cup to the gun, the 1 lbs powder cup is self-fluidizing and easy to clean, making color changes fast and easy. 


Features of COLO-800D Powder Gun Controller

colo powder coating machine

1. Voltage can be precisely set by buttons from 0-100kv.

2. Control unit with three pre-set programs for flat shape workpiece, complicated shape workpiece and repeat coating.

3. Fully adjustable air for pump on pressure, conveying, atomizing and rinsing Air.

4. Brings in the high-technology, features easy to operation and maintain, increases powder coating efficiency.

COLO-08 Powder Spray Gun

powder coating gun

1. Weight only 500g, COLO-08 is a lightweight among powder spray guns, and also maintains the practical functions.

2. The 100 kV powder spray gun could maximize powder charging capacity, reduce waste of powders, and ensures consistent efficiency even long time using.

3. Comes with full array of nozzle assortment for optimal effect with different applications, helps penetration corners with ease.

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