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  • Qatar Customer Visit COLO for Powder Coating System


    Thank you Qatar customers for visiting COLO ! Read More
  • What is turnkey powder coating systems?


    Full turnkey powder coating systems means dealing with one supplier from inception to installation of his system.Which saves time and improves efficiency to a large extent, and the turnkey powder coating system probably includes aspects such as pre-treatment, powder spraying, fixation, etc. Read More
  • Powder Coating VS Painting: Which is Better?


    Painting is the traditional process of applying a liquid paint to a metal product for finishing. Powder coating is a finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to the metal’s surface as a dry powder, and heat is used to finalize the coating.Knowing the specific differences can help us choose the right spraying method for us. Read More
  • How to choose a powder coating oven with quality cure finishes?


    How to choose a powder coating oven with quality cure finishes?It is probably possible to choose from the structure of the oven, such as the Oven Materials,Air Circulation,Oven Controller,Trolley System and so on. Read More
  • How to powder coat with metallic powders?


    Metallic powders are powder coatings which have a metallic or sparkle effect. The effect of powder coating with metallic powders are more bright and sparkly. These powders are more decorative, many manufacturers want to powder coat their products with metallic powders, however, not all powder coati Read More
  • How to achieve fast color change in automatic powder coating line?


    There are always many projects need various colors of powder in powder coating production. Changing color manually is time-consuming and laborious, especially in large scale production. COLO Plastic Powder Coating Booth is an ideal solution for fast color change. Read More
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