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Automatic Powder Coating Spray Gun

-COLO-191S gun controller, use world's advanced technology
-Gentle and continuous powder output for uniform results
-Powerful for any shape of metal parts
-High automation and efficiency
-Developed by COLO, 10 years manufacturer
  • COLO-191S-A

COLO-191S Automatic Powder Coating Guns

Developed by COLO experts, patented design, utilization of digital valve control technology, makes superior quality surface finish. COLO-191S Automatic powder coating units combined with reciprocators, conveyor booth systems makes continuous production. 

COLO-191S Automatic Gun Controller Features

powder coating gun system

1. Precise micro-adjustment of pneumatic data by digital, gentle and uniform powder output ensures outstanding results.

2. Voltage and current can be separately set in order to optimze the application of your parts and powders.

3. Three presets for beginners to do panel-coating, profile coating and re-coating. 20 personalized programs can be created and stored for different coating jobs.

4. A clear and easy to use interface take advantages of all those powerful functions. 

5. Great performance in handling deep corners and beating farady cage effect.

automatic powder spray gun

COLO-08 Automatic Powder Spray Gun

1. Built-in 100kv cascade allows long lasting work.

2. Anti-static body material, wear-resistant and safe to use.

3. High transfer efficiency, reduce powder consumption

4. Nozzles are design to suits different shape of parts

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