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Automatic Powder Coating Spraying Equipment

-Including auto powder guns and reciprocators 
-High automation and efficiency 
-Continuous and uniform powder coating 
-Quality finish with COLO advanced technology 
-Suitable for aluminum profiles or other metal coating line 
-Reliability, controllability
  • COLO-2000D, COLO-800D-A

Automatic Powder Coating Spraying Equipment

Automatic powder coating spraying equipment including auto spray guns and reciprocators, especially designed to meet the requirements of continuous production in powder coating, where reliability in automated operation, easy to control operation and security are the most projecting advantages for the users. 

COLO-800D Integrated Control Cabinet

1. Multi controllers of COLO-800D automatic powder coating machine installed on a central cabinet, with compact design and simple operation.

2. Module design, can be tailored to customer's demands, allows to install Max. 24 control units.

3. Integrate with COLO painting reciprocators, part sensing system for highest efficiency.

4. Most suitable for high speed converised powder coating lines with consistent uniform film thickness.

5. Particularly suitable for users who switch from manual application to automatic powder coating.

800D-controller 4 - 副本

COLO-800D Powder Gun Controller

1. Voltage can be flexibly adjusted from 0-100kv,  the voltage and amperage values will be shown on the digital display for easy and accurate reading.

2.Just press the 3 one-touch buttons, coating mode switches automatically between flat-parts coating program, corner coating program and repeat coating program.

3.The 100kv automatic powder spray gun features high transfer efficiency and delivers smooth powder output, which optimizes powder utilization and application quality.

未标题-1 - 副本 - 副本

COLO-2000D Painting Reciprocator

1. Designed for consistent and uniform coating in automatic production line.

2. Allows to carry 2-12pcs spray gun, Sturdy construction could adapt to continual load everyday.

3. Movement is programmed in various speeds & strokes to suit conveyor speed & object height respectively.

4. Driven by frequency motor, solid and maintenance free.

5. Working parameters are monitored on a user-friendly panel, which can memorize for 80 storable programs.


Automatic Powder Coating Equipment Application

Fix the the automatic spray gun on the stand of automatic powder spraying reciprocator, and by setting reasonable vertical speed and route to make automatic powder spraying reciprocating motion at the predetermined range and speed. In common double-station automatic spraying line, you need to set up 2 sets automatical reciprocater staggered relative work, to complete the automatic spraying of front and back side of workpiece.

This automatic powder coating equipment package will have outstanding effect in aluminum profile, furniture, iron door, window frame, pallet rack or other metal surface finishng line.