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Automatic Powder Coating Spraying Equipment

-Including auto powder guns and reciprocators
-High automation and efficiency
-Continuous and uniform powder coating
-Quality finish with COLO advanced technology
-Suitable for aluminum profiles or other metal coating line
-Reliability, controllability

Automatic Powder Coating Spraying Equipment

Automatic powder coating spraying eqipment including auto spray guns and reciprocators, especially designed to meet the requirements of continuous production in powder coating, where reliability in automated operation, easy to control operation and security are the most projecting advantages for the users. 

COLO-191S-A Automatic Powder Coating Guns and Cabinet 

  • Advanced model, digital valve control technology, precise regulate of powder output for uniform coating, achieves highest quality finish comparing with traditional models. 

  • Individual adjustment of voltage, current on the digital controller in accurate values, meets the demands of coating any products, even most complex shapes with dead corners. 

  • The self-developed COLO-08 auto spray gun with built-in 100kv cascade allows powerful and longlasting jobs, high transfer effciency and a grea saving powders. 

  • Combined with booth and conveyor system, the number of installed control units as requirements. Central control for the all the gun reliability, controllability. 

AUtomatic Powder Coating Equipment

Power range




Temperature range in use

-10 +50

Gun weight:


Rated output voltage


Maximum output voltage

0-100KV ( adjustable)

Maximum powder injection



negative (-)

Maximum input-air pressure


Optimum input-air pressure


Maximum compressed-air consumption

13.2 m3/h

COLO-2200D PLC Controll Powder Coating Reciprocator 

  • Extremely smooth & accurate running through high-precision and wear resisting belt transmission.

  • User-friendly PLC controller with touch screen to easilyset speed and stroke length. 

  • 20 Pre-programmable presets for automatic selection of moving stroke and speed. 

  • Move to a new level of powder coating efficiency, reduce powder consumption.

  • Reciprocating by frequency adjustable motor for high quality powder coating.


Power supply AC 220V/110V 50Hz-60Hz
Power motor 0.75KW
Speed 0-50m/min
Acceleration 1m/Second
Environmental 0-50 degree
Star signal model PLC with touch screen
Max load capacity 25kgs
Motion range 0.3-2.5m can be setting
Point delay time 0-5 sec (optional)
Motor Frequency adjustable
Stroke 1.5m/2m/2.5m

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment Application

Fix the the automatic spray gun on the stand of automatic powder spraying reciprocator, and by setting reasonable vertical speed and route to make automatic powder spraying reciprocating motion at the predetermined range and speed. In common double-station automatic spraying line, you need to set up 2 sets automatical reciprocater staggered relative work, to complete the automatic spraying of front and back side of workpiece,

This automatic powder coating equipment package will have outstanding effect in aluminum profile, furniture, iron door, window frame, pallet rack or other metal surface finishng line.