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Reciprocating Powder Coating Gun

-Including auto powder guns and reciprocators 
-High automation and efficiency 
-Continuous and uniform powder coating 
-Quality finish with COLO advanced technology 
-Suitable for all kinds of metal coating line 
-Reliability, controllability
  • COLO-800D-A

  • COLO

Reciprocating Powder Coating Gun

Reciprocating powder coating gun includes reciprocators and automatic powder guns, installed in the automatic painting line designed to meet the requirements of continuous production with reliability. The type and the number of installed control units can be made as your required.

COLO-800D-A Automatic Powder Gun Features

  • Precisely setting and reading electrostatic charges by digital. Fully adjustable air for pump on pressure, conveying, atomizing and rinsing Air.

  • Three presets programs for panels, complicated shape parts and repair coating jobs, allows volatge adjustable for different parts.

  • The self-developed COLO-08 auto spray gun with built-in 100kv cascade allows powerful and longlasting jobs, high transfer effciency and a great saving powders.

  • Combined with booth and conveyor system, the number of installed control units as requirements. Central control for all the guns, reliability, controllability.

automatic powder coating gun

COLO-2000D Powder Coating Reciprocator Features

  • Stroke length and moving speed are adjustable and can be stored for selection.

  • The user-friendly digital controller is memerized for 80 application programs.

  • Japanese imported frequency convertor with reliability and flexibility.

  • Able to carry up to 12 pcs spray gun both for powder coating or wet painting.

  • Exact stroke length adjustment reduces paint / powder wastage.

  • Reduces Maintenance - Only cleaning & lubrication is required periodically.

powder coating reciprocator