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Automatic Powder Coating Gun Central Control Cabinet

-High automation and efficiency 
-Continuous and uniform powder coating 
-Quality finish with COLO advanced technology 
-Reliability, controllability -Custom quantity of units 
-Centrial control in one host unit
  • COLO-191S-A

  • COLO

Automatic Powder Coating Gun Central Control Cabinet

  • A network in which one host powder coating unit to control multi units, parameters can be set only in the host controller.

  • The quantity of the powder coating units installed in the cabinet can be custom based on the actual applications.

  • Digital valve control technology, precise regulate of powder output for uniform coating, achieves highest quality finish.

  • Individual adjustment of voltage, current on the controller in accurate values, meets the demands to coat even most complex shapes, such as profiles.

  • Including automatic controllers with guns, worked with reciprocators, automatic booth and conveyor system, reliability, controllability. 

AUtomatic Powder Coating Equipment

COLO-191S Powder Gun Controller

COLO-191S Powder Gun Controller

1. Developed by COLO experts with patented design makes superior-quality surface finish.

2. Offers 3 pre-set standard application programs for flat parts, profiles and recoating.

2. Allows to create and store 20 personalized application programs for different parts and powder.

3. Voltage and current can be separately set in order to optimize the powder coating application.

4. Digital valve control technology supports precise adjustment of pneumatic data that ensure perfect atomization and powder output.

COLO-08 Automatic Spray Gun FeaturesCOLO-08 Automatic Spray Gun Features

1. Lightweight, compact gun provides 100 kV and the highest transfer efficiency available for venturi-based coating systems.

2. With the COLO unique-designed spray gun, finishers can achieve superior powder coating coverage.

3. Air-purge cleanable design for fast, easy cleaning, without gun disassembly, a requirement for all quick color change applications

4. Superior Faraday-cage penetration and recoating capability to adapt a wide range of coating challenges.

Automatic Powder Coating Gun Control Cabinet Specifications 

Power range




Temperature range in use

-10 +50

Gun weight


Rated output voltage


Maximum output voltage

0-100KV ( adjustable)

Maximum powder injection



negative (-)

Maximum input-air pressure


Optimum input-air pressure


Maximum compressed-air consumption

13.2 m3/h