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Stainless Steel Powder Coating Fiuidizing Hopper

Size: Dia36 * Height52 cm
Powder capabitity: 60 lbs
Goods in stock, ship within 3 days.
  • COLO-62

  • COLO

Stainless Steel Powder Coating Fiuidizing Hopper

The powder is fluidized by air forced through a porous plastic plate from the below, incorporated with bottom fluidizng bed, powder suction tube and vent pipe, the powder hopper performs better coating quality.

COLO Powder Coating Hopper Advantages

1. Durable: Made of stainless steel powder coating hopper, long time for use.

2. Complete Fluidization: Powders conveyed from the hopper to the spray gun with a high uniformity and consistency. Second, fluidizing action breaks up powder accumulation, removes absorbed moisture, improves powder coating quality.

3. Well-sealed Hopper: The powder in the hopper is completely fluidized without overflow, and hardly get contaminated as it is not exposed to the outside environment.

4. Dismountable Design: The powder hopper is dismountable type, designed for easy and fast cleaning.

powder coating fluidizing hopper

How to fill the powder into the hopper:

1. Open the powder hopper cover.

2. Set the Air mover (if present) by turning the air valve

3. Fill with the powder must reach to a maximum of 5-10 cm below the handles of the powder hopper, otherwise the fluidized powder will escape from the cover.

4. Close the filling cover of the powder hopper again.

We supply a variety of powder coating hoppers for different purpose, hoppers such as 60lbs, 50lbs 40lbs is suitable for big and single color application. Portable type such as 10lbs, 2lbs, 1lbs is for small or laboratory jobs, also you can order several small hoppers for frequently color change.

COLO-62 Series
Dia 36 x Height 62cm
COLO-52 Series
Dia 36 x Height 52cm 50lbs
COLO-40 Series
Dia 36 x Height 52cm 50lbs
COLO-Mini 01
Dia 20 x Height 40cm 25lbs
COLO-Mini 02
Dia 20 x Height 30cm 10lbs
COLO-Mini 03
Dia 10 x Height 10cm 1lbs
Dia 10 x Height 20cm



COLO-62 Series


COLO-52 Series


COLO-Mini 01

portable powder hopper

COLO-Mini 02

powder application cup

COLO-Mini 03