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Plastic Powder Coating Spray Booth with Cyclone Recovery System

- Innovative plastic material spray booth 
- Maximize efficiency during cleaning and color change 
- Mono cyclone design 
- Automatic booth system 
- Worked with reciprocators and auto powder guns
  • COLO-Plastic Booth

  • COLO

Plastic Powder Coating Spray Booth with Cyclone Recovery System

The powder coating spray booth body made of enginner plastic material, anti-static, without absorbtion of powders, maximize the spraying efficiency and reduce powder waste. Integrated with the mono cyclone recovery system, the plastic booth gives great experience in the frequent color changle line.

Plastic Powder Coating Spray Booth with Cyclone Recovery System

Powder Coating Spray Booth Advantages

  • The booth bottom can be designed with automatic plate turnover device or pulse cleaning air device ensures no powder accumulation at the bottom

  • Mono cyclone device achieves the separation efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders

  • High precsion and long lifespan filters as the secondary recovery system, capture the dust even 0.1 micron, ensure clean air discharged to the outside

  • With an open manual coating platform, gives convenience for spraying large workpieces in complex shapes

  • Worked with reciprocators, automatic spray guns, conveyor systems

A variety of booth bottom designs for choices, can be suitable for different workpieces

powder coating booth

Powder Coating Spray Booth Specifications

Booth Type Automatic Type
Operator dimensions Width1700 x Height 2100 x Length8600 mm
Weight 4000kg
Power supply Electric
Nominal power 15kw
Voltage 380V/220V. customized as local.
Frequency 50-60Hz
Filters Polyester
Filters count 32pcs (325*600)
Filters hang type Rotary Wing, help filter cleaning
Filter cleaning system Pneumatic
Booth Material Wall:PVC;  Floor PVC & Stainless Steel 
Cyclone Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 12 months

How does double recovery stage powder booth work?

The Double Recovery System means cyclone and filter devices work together to complete the powder recycling, oversprayed qualified powder is collected in the hopper under the cyclone, while the ultrafine powders are delivered to the filter to finish the last recycle. With benefits of:

1. Most recovery is completed by the cyclone, therefore, greatly extending the life of the filter.

2. As superfine powder is sent to the filter, it will not be recycled to affect the powder coating results.

3. The cyclone recovery system with self-cleaning function, maxmize the efficiency during color change.