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Multi Cyclone Powder Coating Booth Fast Color Change

- Maximize efficiency during cleaning and color change 
- 98% Collection efficiency 
- Very compact size, save space 
- Automatic booth system 
- Worked with reciprocators and auto powder guns
  • COLO-Multi Cyclone Booth

  • COLO

Multi Cyclone Powder Coating Booth Fast Color Change

Multi cyclone booth consists of spray chamber, multicyclone, filter recovery stage, fan motor. Each component of the powder booth contributes to ensure efficient and optimized powder coating process.

multi cyclone powder coating booth

How does multi cyclone powder booth work?

Fast color change is achieved because the high velocity of powder in the multi cyclone reduces powder accumulation, so cleaning time is negligible.  Long life and high precision cartridge filters stage as secondary recovery system captures the particle even 0.1 micron, ensure only clean air discharged to the outside.

Worked with reciprocators, automatic spray guns, conveyor systems achieves continuous, uniform and quality powder coating even with multi colors application. With an open manual coating platform, gives convenience for repair spraying large and complex shape workpieces.

The booth bottom can be designed with automatic plate turnover device or pulse cleaning air device ensures no powder accumulation.

powder coating booth

Why choose COLO powder coating booth?

  • Booth size and special requirements can be precisely designed according to customer's actual products.

  • Cyclone device achieves the separation efficiency up to 98%, a great saving of powders, creates dustless working environment.

  • A basic powder coating booth is made of durable powder-coated steel, more economic and affordable.

  • Upper-grade model can be made of plastic or stainless steel that has optimal efficiency in powder recovery and color change.

  • We design, manufacturer, oversea installation, commissioning and ongoing support of the powder coating booths.