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Powder Coating Guide

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  • Full turnkey powder coating systems means dealing with one supplier from inception to installation of his system.Which saves time and improves efficiency to a large extent, and the turnkey powder coating system probably includes aspects such as pre-treatment, powder spraying, fixation, etc.
  • How to choose a powder coating oven with quality cure finishes?It is probably possible to choose from the structure of the oven, such as the Oven Materials,Air Circulation,Oven Controller,Trolley System and so on.
  • Painting is the traditional process of applying a liquid paint to a metal product for finishing. Powder coating is a finishing process in which a coating is applied electrostatically to the metal’s surface as a dry powder, and heat is used to finalize the coating.Knowing the specific differences can help us choose the right spraying method for us.
  • 1. Design Principles:Powder Coating Object: pallet rack upright & beam, structural I beams
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