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Powder Coating Line Chain


We supply kinds of chain for powder coating conveyor line for 30kgs , 50kgs ,100kgs ,150kgs etc, according to your product weight

Taiwan (150) five-ton crane empty chain the 200,206,240,250,300 heavy chain.
348,458,678 chain of hanging space, line 458 sites chain and all accessories are widely used in light industry

The level of five tons the wheel heavy chain UH-5075-HH
  Standard level wheel to load type, to increase its carrying capacity and wear resistance, extending its life, suitable for multi-bends or high temperature production environment. Suspension Pitch: 150 * N (MM), chain weight per meter 4.58KG the single hanging weight of not more than 40 kg, the chain allowable tension of not more than 30kg, chain breaking force not greater than 55KG, using a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius.


100KG supply QXG300A type double-stranded board single guide wheel form

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