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COLO-F-191S High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking Machine

This electrostatic flocking machine with intelligent controller (designed with digital valve technology) and 100kV flock gun, increases utilization rate of flock to save cost, and leads to a better flocking effect.
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COLO-F-191S High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking Machine

Electrostatic flocking machine electrically charges the flock particles causing them to stand-up, then flocking fibres are propelled and anchored on right angle into the substrate. The flocking process is very simple. First a suitable adhesive is applied to the substrates' surface to be flocked. Then turn on the electrostatic flocking machine, penetrates the surface of the adhesive to form a high density uniform flock layer, which is both durable and permanent, mainly for decoration or protection. 

electrostatic flocking machine

Features of COLO-F-191S High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking Machine

1. Intelligent flocking gun controller with digital valve technology, precise setting and adjusting parameters results a better flocking effect.

2. Lightweight 100kV flocking gun with higher transfer efficiency, increases utilization rate of flocking and saves cost.

3. Equipped with big volume hopper, supports for continuous flocking production. 

4. Installed wheels under the machine is convenient for moving during flocking process or transporting.

electrostatic flocking machine

Applications of Electrostatic Flocking Machine

With the advent of improved technologies and adhesives, that flocking became a popular decoration method, creates velvet or suede layer on substrates' surfaces. Flocked surfaces reduce water condensation, act as good thermal insulators, also protect the products from surface scratches. 

Flocking process has widely applications on various materials:

- For textile / garment: T-Shirt printing, floor coverings, scrubbing pads.

- For automotive industry: car glove boxes, car head liners, car door moldings and window trim, dashboards.

- For artistic decoration: packaging for perfumes, jewellery boxes, wall paper, model railway-landscapes, velvet finish and leather products.

COLO-F-191S High Voltage Electrostatic Flocking Machine Technical Data

Voltage AC 220V / 110V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power 50W
Output Voltage DC24V
Max Voltage 0-100 KV adjustable
Fluff Length ≤ 3 mm
Output Current 0 - 150 μa
Polarity negative