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COLO-F-668 Electrostatic Flocking Swab Machine

This electrostatic flocking machine applies to swab making and other products flocking.

Digital controller with the pulse function could easily process deep corners and complex shapes of substrates.

The 100kV flocking gun with higher transfer efficiency increases utilization rate of flock and saves cost.
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COLO-F-668 Electrostatic Flocking Swab Machine

Flocked swabs are an excellent choice for use with rapid diagnostic tests, the electrostatic flocking machine with advanced flocked technology turns each strand of fiber into a velvet-like brush and hence creates hundreds of thousand contact points for superior collection and release of specimen samples. This electrostatic flocking machine also supports for much higher swab yield.

electrostatic flocking machine

Working principle of electrostatic flocking machine:

- After agitation in the hopper, flocking is electrically charged with negative charge by electrostatic flocking gun and sprayed out. 

- Under the push of the airflow and the substrate's adsorption, the flocking fibres are anchored at perpendicular alignment into the substrate surface. 

- Flocking output can be adjusted, this electrostatic flocking machine is mainly used for manual production line.

electrostatic flocking machine

Features of COLO-F-668 Electrostatic Flocking Swab Machine

1. Digital flocking gun controller with advanced pulse function overcomes processing awkward corners of substrates.

2. Lightweight 100kV flocking gun with higher transfer efficiency, increases utilization rate of flocking and saves cost.

3. Equipped with big volume hopper, supports for continuous flocking production. 

4. Installed wheels under the machine is convenient for moving during flocking process or transporting.

COLO-F-668 Electrostatic Flocking Swab Machine Technical Data

Voltage AC 220V / 110V
Frequency 50-60Hz
Power 40 W
Input Voltage 24V
Max Voltage 0-100 KV adjustable
Fluff Length ≤ 3 mm
Output Current 0 - 150 μA
Output Voltage 100 KV
Polarity Negative
Max Power Injection 550 g/min
Pulse Frequency 15 - 20 Clock /S
Gun Cable Standard 5m or customized
High Pressure Mode Built-in
Max Air Consumption 13 Nm3/h
Working Temperature Range -10 ~ 45 °C