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Semi-automatic Powder Coating Sieving Machine

Semiauto Powder Recycle Machine supports for continuous powder coating production. Operators need to put powder into the powder hopper of this machine manually and then the sieving machine will starting sieving powder automatically.
  • COLO-4000

  • COLO

Semi-automatic Powder Coating Sieving Machine

This powder recycle machine is a semiauto model machine, it need operators to add powder manually, after this step, the sieving machine starts to vibrate and sieve powder and feed uniform powder to spray gun. This machine is designed for sieving recovery powder for second use and sieving new powder without powder accumulation especially in the humid climate, ensures high-quality powder coating effect.

Semiauto Powder Recycle Machine

Features of Semiauto Powder Recycle Machine

  • This machine provide uniform and consistant powder to get a superior powder coating result.

  • Simple structure and installation, and sieving mesh is easily changed for defferent powder.

  • Hole size of sieving mesh is optional and supports for custom, to meet any requirements.

  • Stainless steel structure features more durable, antirust and longer-living.

  • Recycling oversprayed powder which increases utilization rate of powder, saves cost of production.

Specifications of Semiauto Powder Recycle Machine

Total Power
70 W
220V ± 10AC, 50-60Hz
Motor Speed
3000-3600 r/min
Sieving Powder Quantity
Screen Size
40-120 mesh, support for custom
Powder Hopper