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Automatic Powder Supply Center

- Space-saving and efficient solution for all your powder management.
- Fully automatic operation and cleaning process.
- Quick color change from fresh powder to recovery operation.
- Integrated control of powder center, spray booth, guns & reciprocators, curing oven.
  • COLO-6200

  • COLO

Automatic Powder Supply Center

The COLO-6200 Automatic Powder Supply Center is an integrated solution for all powder management needs, a very compact design and can be adapted to any system layout.  It performs outstanding application features:

1.  Highest cleaning efficiency due to automatic cleaning of all powder-carrying components.

2.  Efficient color changes thanks to the fully automated application ensures.

3.  Integrated control of all components of the powder coating line.

4.  Powder level detection ensure constantly available powder quantity.

5.  Ultrasonic sieving of fresh and recovery powder for maximum sieving performance.


Automatic Powder Supply Center Features

Direct Box Feed Powder Funnel

Direct Box Feed Powder Funnel

- It allows diectly putting the original powder box  on the funnel,

- Increase the flexiblility and efficiency of color change.

- Easy to move the suction tube when changing powder box.

COLO-PP05 Powder Pump

COLO-PP05 Powder Pump

- Ppwerful powder pump developed by COLO proven technology

- Conveys fresh powder from powder box to system

- Without any moving parts thus require minimum maintenance.

Ultrasonic Siever

Ultrasonic Siever

- Sieve of fresh powders and recovery powders.

- Dissolving and loosening of powder accumulations for even powder flow.

-  Free-swinging sieve surface causes gentle sieving and requires less energy.

Powder Hopper

Powder Hopper

- With optimal fluidization condition for quality coating results.

- Powder level detection guarantees a constantly available powder quantity.

- Closed powder hopper ensure clean working environment.

Integrated PLC Control System

Integrated PLC Control System

- PLC system with touch screen is particularly intuitive that integrates all functions you need.

- Control every process of powder coating line, such as powder feeding powder recovery, spray booth cleaning, reciprocating, fan working and oven curing, etc

Specifications of  Automatic Powder Supply Center

Power Supply AC 220V/110V 50Hz-60Hz (as required)
Nominal frequency 38kHz
Power Hopper Size 310*240*270mm
Sieve Frame Size 345*275*30mm
Standard Mesh Size 80 mesh (on request)
Mesh Size 3-4kgs/min (depending on type of powder)
Power consumption Max.100w
Ambient 5-40 ℃