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Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor System

We manufacture a wide range of overhead conveyor systems, from simple manual monorail systems to heavy duty 458 systems.
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Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor System

  • Regarding the powder coating overhead conveying system, we currently have two types: light duty and heavy duty, and the heavy duty single point can bear up to 250kg, the light duty can bear up less than 100kg.Apply to Heavy-duty overhead conveyor of poawder coating or painting line,loading capacity from 100-500kg.

  • This powder coating overhead conveyor system includes trolley, conveyor chain, linear drive, Roller row elbow,electric control box,tension,straight rail,up and down track and so on.

  • Each of powder coating overhead conveyor system is custom built to our customers requirements and offers worldwide delivery, installation, operator training, service and maintenance.

  • The overhead conveying system is resistant to harsh chemicals used in washing, degreasing, phosphating, etc. And also can withstand high temperatures during curing.

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Curved Track

150 直轨

Straight Track

drive unit

Driver Unit


QXG Series Conveyor Chain


Oil Lubrication Cup

hanger - 副本 - 副本

X type, Y type Hangers

齿轮圆盘吊具 - 副本

Rotating Hangers

We have the expertise in powder handling to meet the various needs of our customers, and we partner with the highest quality raw material suppliers on the market. We also have a team of experienced professionals who keep an eye on the development of the latest machines in the industry.Our conveying series has also won the favor of many customers because of its excellent effect and quality.

1. Purchasing service

Our coatings have a professional and efficient work team. If you are new to coating, you can show us some pictures or drawings of your product and workshop, we would appreciate it, we will give you professional advice on the whole job.

2. Delivery service

Our coatings have a dedicated and independent department dedicated to shipping the buyer's goods. Workers know T/T, L/C projects well. All exported files can be made perfectly. Our company also cooperates with the most famous shipping companies in China. They can provide the best and economical shipping method to the buyer's port.

3. Installation service

All our machines offer installation services. Our paints send technicians to the buyer's factory to install and test the equipment.

4. Customer training service

Our company can accept buyers to send their own technicians to our factory to learn how to operate the machine. Also, training during installation is easier to accept.

5. After-sales service

We offer a one-year warranty.

Many spare parts will be prepared in the toolbox with the machine.