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Conveyor Powder Coating Booth System

COLO-3212 Pass thru type powder coating booth ideally supports for conveyorized coating applications, dual working station easily and efficiency coat both sides of parts by using manual or automatic spray equipment.
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Conveyor Powder Coating Booth System

Conveyor Powder Coating Booth System is a key part of high efficiency automatic powder coating line system. It is not only setup for simple spraying but also comes with two kinds of powder recovery system that is cyclone and after filter recovery units. A solution for high powder coating output capacity and clean coating condition.

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Conveyor Powder Coating Booth

Conveyor Powder Coating Booth Configurations

1. Double filter stage recovery systems effectively capture oversprayed powder, 0.1micron high precision filters ensures only particle-free air discharged outside.

2. Pulse-jet automatic filter cleaning technology takes full utilization of powders and prolong filters' lifespan for many years.

3. A recovery hopper beneath the filter stage can be taken away for manually collection or connected with automatic powder recycling system.

4. All functions, parameters can be flexiblely controlled on the PLC panel, such as fan start, filter cleaning, booth cleaning.

Conveyor Powder Coating Booth  Components



In Booths manufactured by Colo we use aluminium fans which are safe, doesn't cause sparks when rubbing by metal elements which in case of using metal fan can cause explode.And they are very quiet, work at the level of 74-79dB. 

filter recovery

Filter Recovery 

Size: D325xH900mm per piece. Colo's powder booths uses only the highest quality filters made from 100% polyester, whose filtration less than 0.1 micrometer, well separates the powder from the air. Each filter will get interval pulse-jet cleaning controlled by valves, which will extend its life.

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Specifications(customizable)

Operating Dimensions Width800 * Height2000 * Depth4000mm
Overall dimensions Width1200 * Height2580 * Depth5000mm
Power Supply
220V/380V, 3Phase, 50-60HZ
Fan Power
5.5kw, 2 sets
Filter Count
12 pcs(2 stages), Quick-release Type
Filter Material
Filter Cleaning