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Automatic Powder Coating Booth for LPG Cylinder

COLO-S-3145 Tunnel powder coating booth with rotatable hanger and top track is specially suitable for powder coating LPG cylinders, allows automatic and continuous production.
  • COLO-S-3145

Automatic Powder Coating Booth for LPG Cylinder

COLO-S-3145 Tunnel Spray Booth is specially designed for automatic powder coating of LPG tanks, built with top track and rotatable hanger, allows single-side spraying station that effectively operates cylinder shape parts.

With one manual powder coating station and an automatic reciprocator operating station. allow 4-6pcs moving up and down, and 2pcs powder gun on the bottom to spraying the bottom of the LPG tank, and 2pcs powder gun fixed on the top to powder coating the top of the LPG cylinder.

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Configurations

1. An integrated collector module contains 4pcs filters that effectively separates powders from air, provides a dustless working condition

2. Unrestricted operator access around the product for manual touch up facilitates perfect results and simple, easy coating inspection or recoating.

3. Complete with PLC control panel, supports to control internal lighting, pulse-jetting filter cleaning, fan working, etc.

4. The sturdy booth is construced with powder coated cold-rolled steel plate, long life and durable.

5. Simple single-stage recovery booth requires only quick, easy connection of electrical and pneumatics to start production.

Automatic powder coating booth

filter powder coating booth

Automatic Powder Coating Booth Specifications

Model    COLO-S-3145
Operator dimensions:    width883 x height1550 x depth3000mm
Overall dimensions:    width1400 x height2484 x depth3000mm
Power supply:    Electric
Nominal power:    5.5 kW
Voltage:    380V
Frequency:    50-60Hz
Filter material:    Polyester
Filters Quantity:   4pcs
Filters hang type:    easy for change
Filter cleaning system    Pneumatic

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