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Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment

- Special design for wheel or rim shot blasting
- Blasting one piece rim each time
- Full cover one wheel, don't need to turn over the wheel
- Dust collection system to keep the environment clean
- Efficient and completely clean

Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment

Shot blasting machine is a type of surface preparation equipment that is used to clean, strengthen or polish metals and other materials, especially designed for the alloy wheel surface finishing, it is significantly simplifies the blasting process for wheel cleaning and finishing.

This Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment is more efficient than sand blasting machine to cleaning and finishing for alloy wheels and every time only can treat one rims , which is specially used for spraying wheel hubs.

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Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment Features

Electric Control

Electric Control

Electric control system is convenient for debugging. The operator can start each functional component in sequence, or jog the individual functional components out of order to test the performance and operation status.

Dust Removal System

Dust Removal System

Dust collector filter is characterized by adhering a layer of submicron ultra-thin fibers to a general filter material, and the fibers are arranged very closely on the adhesive layer, the dust can not penetrate into the interior of the filter material, it has the characteristics of low resistance and easy cleaning, and its filtration precision reaches 5μ, which is unmatched by ordinary bag filter.

How does Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment work?

Shot blasting machine is powered by electromechanical not by compressed air, it works through a high-speed rotating impeller to throw out steel shots in high speed and high flow, thus creates more forceful impact to surface.

Place the alloy wheel in the shot blasting machine chamber where the process is fully automatic and can be controlled by a timer. Each finishing circle allows one piece alloy wheel blasted and only takes 1-3 minutes.

Alloy Wheel Shot Blasting Equipment Specifications

Working Chamber SizeL1300*W1300*H780mm
Footprint SizeL1720*W3658*H2265mm
Suitable wheel sizeDiameter700mm * Thickness500mm (Or smaller)
Control SystemPLC
Rotating Speed of RollersAdjustable
Shot Blasting Speed
Dust Collector TypeAnti-flame filters
Power Supply        Electric

Impeller head power

Fan motor power2.2KW
Shot drive power1.5KW
Elevator system power2.2KW