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Propane Fired Powder Coat Oven

- Size: Width800 * Height1500 * Depth3000 mm 
- Heating source: Propane 
- Heating temperature: Max.250° C 
- Control system: Precise PLC Control
  • COLO-0813

  • COLO

Durable Propane Fired Powder Coat Oven Machine

Our durable propane fired powder coating oven is designed for energy-saving, time-saving and environmental-friendly. Outwall built with durable steel for longer lifespan.

With optimal air circulation system, it prevents hot spots, curing defects and provides an even, constant cure for your parts.

gas powder coating oven

Trolley System

Standardly equip with a manual transport solution that allows loading a batch of elements using a small amount of force.  Including two trolleys, internal trolley moves across the hall that does not contaminate the inside of the oven, exterinal trolley loads the internal trolley for outside working, which ensures high purity cured elements. Custom design is available to get a optimal use of the entire space of oven.

powder curing oven


High quality guarantee safe working level. The Riello burner is equipped with a microprocessor - based flame control panel, with diagnostic functions. In developing these burners, special attention to reducing noise, to ease the installation and adjustment, in order to obtain the smallest possible size to fit any sort of boiler market. All models have passed the European EN 676 standard, in line with European directives for EMC and low voltage, mechanical and boiler efficiency.

DSC_0583 (2)

Heat Exchanger

500 500heat exchanger

Colo’s Heat Exchanger uses 310S stainless steel seamless pipe thickness of 3-4mm. it improves the temperature distribution and reduce the risk of failure. The air is distributed in advance specially calibrated mesh with both the walls and the floor.

Air Circulation Fan


Forced air circulation and floor,  very good temperature uniformity result, our research has shown that the uniformity of air temperature in the furnace of our circuit does not exceed ±3°C! The result is due to our technology of horizontal, and vertical air circulation.

100mm Insulation Wall

rockwool board

Our ovens are built with with 1mm heat-resistent galvanized innerwall and durable steel outerwall, filled with 100mm thickness rock wool insulation,  which keeps the heat in the powder coating oven and out of your work area. 

Simple PLC Control

PLC (2)

PLC Control provides high precision heating process, it offers all the features you need during work. The control panel is easy for you you to set the precise temperature, as well as the duration of heating process at the desired temperature.

Durable Propane Fired Powder Coat Oven Specifications

Worksize dimensions Width800*Heght*1500*Depth3000mm
Overall Dimension
Power supply Gas/LPG
Voltage/Frequency 380V/220v(50-60hz)
Warm-up time 15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature stability < ± 3-5°C
Temperature max. 250° C
Ventilation Performance
Italy Riello, 100,000cal
Motor power 1.5kw
Circulation/ Air flow Vertical ,Variable through holes on the walls
Transportation Trolley
Warranty 12 months