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Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor Hangers

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Powder Coating Overhead Conveyor Hangers

The following types of overhead conveyor hangers are relatively common.

U Type Hanger

For a lower working environment, artificial rotation, work can be positioned every 90 degrees.

U type hanger

Y Type Hanger

Directly connected to the chain, easy to install. Its lower end is often connected with the cross the spreader or cross disc spreader.
Y type hanger

Cross Type Hanger

Cross Type Hanger is required to be combined with Y type hanger, cross branched angle encountered in a specific location on the spreader diverter, suspended workpiece can do 90-degree rotation.

cross type hanger

Cross Disc Type Hanger

Cross disc spreader structure and cross spreader are basically the same, plus a disc at the top of the hook to catch the track drops of oil to prevent contamination of the workpiece.

cross disc type hanger


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