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Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment

Fluidized bed spraying can better solve the Faraday cage effect than electrostatic manual powder coating equipment, which is more suitable for some complex workpieces with many concave corners such like baskets, brackets...
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Fluidizing Bed Powder Coating Equipment

Fluidized bed powder coating machine work process consists of immersing a hot part into a bed of powder, allowing the powder to melt on the part and build a film, and subsequently providing enough time and heat for this film to flow into a continuous coating.

Fluidized bed powder coating machine can get a thicker coating, handle some complex and difficult-to-coating workpieces or metal meshes that are prone to Faraday cages, and a single dip can quickly manage parts in bulk.

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Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment Features

Cartridge Filter

Cartridge Filter

These filters with smaller and more uniform pores ensure 100% separation. Superior quality polyester spunbonded fabric materials enhance filters' lifespan.These filters are easy to inspect and replace that convenient for fast color change.

Fan Motor

Centrifugal fan

A powerful centrifugal fan sucks the air from the cabin, dragging the remaining powder paint from the application towards filters which capture the particules. Thus the air is filtered  and exhasuted completely clean to the working environment.

fluidized plate

Fluidization plate

Fluidization plates are used as a preventive measure. All powders have perfect flow as long as a certain quantity of air is added at regular intervals during silo unloading operations. The material enriched with air achieves the desired fluidity. This prevents bridges, chimneys, lumps and deposits.2017-03-28

Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment Specifications

Working size W2200*H1500*D1400 mm (customized)
Base material Stainless steel plate, thickness 2mm
Air inlet holes 6Pcs (4 points*12)
Inner fluidized plate size 2200*1400*20 mm (spliced by microporous plates), and the   micropores are 10-15 microns
Centrifugal fan 4kw
Filter elements 5Pcs ( 325*600)

The Process of Fluidized Bed Powder Coating Equipment

Typically, a fluid bed powder coated part is carefully preheated in a conveyor oven and then dipped into the fluidized bed. It is reheated to make the powder fuse out and finally cooled down to room temperature. Sometimes, the reheating isn’t needed, as the heat energy already in the part is sufficient to get the powder to fuse. Cooling is either done in air or water as necessary.