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Iron Furniture Powder Coating Solution

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furniture powder coating plant

Design Principles:
1. Workshop area: 30 x 20x 4.5m
2. single point bear weight of 30kgs.
3. Dry oven and Curing Oven:Natural Gas Type Heating

Production Procedure:
1. Dipping pretreatment → 2. Drying oven → 3. Uploading → 4. Workpieces into spray
booth→ 5. After spraying the workpieces will go into the curing oven(20~25min, 180~200°C)→ 6. Go out of the oven, and natural cooling→ 7. Unloading workpieces

Powder Coating Conveyor Speed:
1. Conveyer Type: Suspension Conveyer Chain System,90m
2. Production Line Working Speed: 1.5m/min (adjustable 0.5-4.0m/min)
3. Coating Curing Time: 20~25 minutes, Curing Oven total length 20meters.

Powder Coating Plant Components
1. Powder spray booth

L6m*W1.2m*H4.5m, Filter Recovery: 12pcs cartridge filters

2. Powder Curing Oven

Dimension: L20m*W1.6m*H4.5m
Heating Source: DIESEL
Heating Time:    15-30 min. (180° C)
Temperature Stability:    < ± 3.0-6°C
Max. Tempt:    250° C
Burner: Italy Riello, 20,0000cal

Circulation Fan: 4kw

3. Powder Spraying Guns
8 pcs auto guns with 1 pcs manual gun

4. COLO-2000D Reciprocators, 1.5m travel

5. Sieving machine

6. Suspension Type Conveyor Line with Drive

Single point loading weight: 30 kgs
0.5-2m/min, max 4m/ min adjustable

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