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Conveyorized Powder Coating Plant, Manual Powder Coating Plant

This powder coating plant is an ideal selection to achieve cintinuous powder coating production. Both powder coating booth and powder curing oven are built with conveyors, connecting with each other allows parts convey from booth to oven that saves labor cost effectively.

Conveyorized Powder Coating Plant, Manual Powder Coating Plant

This powder coating plant includes a 100kV professional powder coating gun, conveyor powder coating booth and powder coating oven with top tracks. This package especially suits for powder coating large or heavy workpiece. Spray booth and curing oven are able to connect with conveyor for simply conveying large and heavy parts.


COLO-191S Electrostatic Powder Coating Gun

Thanks to the digital valve controlled technology that allows a precise regulate of pnuematic parameters, which lead a smooth powder flow and a uniform surface. Coating thickness can be controlled with this technology. Besides, adjustable voltage and current apply to powder coating various workpiece. 


Configuration & Features

1) 0-100kv Voltage adjustable, powerful and long lasting use.

2) Digital valve control technology gives film thickness consistency.

3) Three presets programs for flat coating, corner coating and recoating.

4) Allows to store 20 personalized application coating programs.

5) COLO-08 Manual powder gun with light weight.

6) Fluidizing powder hopper ensures to provide uniform powder.

7) Field tested and proven to operate in the toughest environments.

COLO-3212 Conveyor Powder Coating Booth

Supports for conveyorized coating applications pursuing most efficient system option. This conveyor powder coating booth is designed with dual working station gives access to coat both sides using manual or automatic powder coating spray equipment. Conveyor on the top of spray booth allows the suspended parts to pass through the spray area with conveyor.

conveyor powder coating spray booth


Operator dimensions:   Width620*Height1500*Depth2920 mm
Overall dimensions:   Width1200*Height2033*Depth3000 mm
Power supply:   Electric
Nominal power:   4kW
Voltage:   380V
Frequency:   50-60Hz
Filter material:   Polyester
Filters Quantity:   4pcs
Filters hang type:   easy for change
Filter cleaning system:   Pneumatic

COLO-3210 Powder Coating Oven with Top Tracks

This powder coating oven is especially suitble to work with conveyor powder coating spray booth, which is able to achieve continuous powder coating production. This oven takes gas as fuel that heating faster, equiped with circulationfan ensures consistant curing temperature. 100mm rockwool insulation board with effective insulation increases working efficiency.



Operating Dimension: Width1650*Height1700*Depth3200mm

Power Supply: Gas/LPG

Burner: Italy Riello, 100,000cal

Voltage/Frequency: 220V/280V/415V, 50/60Hz

Warm-up Time: 15-30min (180°C)

Temperature Stability: <± 3-5°C

Temperature Max.: 250°C

Motor Power: 4kw

Circulation/Air Flow: Vertical, Varaible through holes on the walls

Warranty: 12 months

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