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Commercial Powder Coating Gun System

-Classic model, cost-effective -Proved quality and performace -0-100kv voltage adjustable -Compact design, save space -Cheaper and afforable price
  • COLO-500star
  • COLO

COLO-500star Commercial Powder Coating System

COLO-500star is a classic mode of COLO series powder coating system, offering solid reliability and superb performance which developed by our 10 years' experience. It comes with a high transfer efficiency spray gun, an intelligent controller, an easy cleaning hopper, a set of compact trolley and other components, making it the preferred manual coating equipment for any industrial or commercial applications.

commerical powder coating system

Configurations & Benefits

1) 0-100KV adjustable for voltage, ensures high powder coverage rate.

2) Fully adjustable air for pump on feeding, dosage and nozzle rinsing air. 

3) Entire range of nozzles to select for better atomization and uniform thickness.

4) COLO-08 Powerful spray gun ensures stable performance even after long time using.

5) COLO uniqually designed powder pump allows to use less compressed air and deliver high powder output

6) Hoppe Feed -50 Pounds Capacity, Simple to clean and fluidize the powder smoothly

Powder is conveyed from powder hopper by injectors then delivered to the spray gun through powder hose, when it arrived at the nozzle, it is electrostatically charged at the nozzle of the gun. In addition, an electrostatic field is created between the gun nozzle and the grounded object. The charged powder spray remains adhered to the surface of the object. The powder in the hopper is fluidized by air forced through a porous plastic plate from below.  The voltage, conveying air, supplementary air, and rinsing air are set on the control unit 

COLO is a top supplier of powder coating quipment including manual powder coating sytem, automatic powder coating equipment, powder spray booths, curing ovens and spare parts.

Technical Data 

Input Power : 50W

Input Power Voltage: 110V-120V AC,220V-230V AC 

Output power voltage: 0 ~100KV 

Output Current: 0~150uA

Weight of Gun: 480g

Length of Gun Cable:6m

Stainless Steel Powder Hopper Capacity:55L

Work temperature range: -5°C to 40°C