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Powder Coating Guide

  • What are the advantages of New Polypropylene Spray Booth?

    A new efficient Polypropylene Spray Booths are demanded by more and more customers. Why do they choose the PP spray booth?This modern plastic booth has the advantage of not being conductive, so no powder is attracted to it and therefor more powder goes onto the product being sprayed. Colour changes

  • New color Automatic powder coating line

    New one powder coating plant installed finished in europe by COLO in 2014 year !

  • Which Powder Coating spray booth Is the Right For Me?

    When choosing a powder coating spray room for your business, please keep the below three points in mind:1. Always buy a system large enough to coat per you need2. Don’t cut corners on your coating booth3. Always use a professional powder coating gun for most efficient workThe Bigger Your Po

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